East Tennessee Weddings Are Scenic Affairs

If you’re planning a wedding in East Tennessee or the Great Smoky Mountains, your choice of a location or venue could wind up paying dividends. For example, if you stage an outdoor wedding, you can take advantage of all the great scenic backdrops that are available, including majestic mountains, rolling valleys and pastoral views. This also makes for great wedding video footage.

But the cool scenery isn’t just limited to rural settings. For example, if you’d like to have some urban landscapes in your wedding videography, Knoxville, TN has some interesting features as well, from the iconic Sunsphere to football’s Neyland Stadium.

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What To Expect When You Hire Us

Your wedding day may be weeks or even months away, but it’s always a good idea to book your videographer as far in advance as you can. First, this ensures that you have someone available on that date. If you wait until the last minute, chances are that most wedding videographers (the good ones, anyway) will already be booked.

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The Importance Of A Wedding Video Highlight Reel

If you’re interviewing potential videographers for your upcoming Knoxville wedding, be wary of any that spends all of his or her time talking about equipment—um, video equipment, that is. While I’m sure owning a Sony HDRAX2000 with HD-SDI and HDM outputs as well as two-channel linear PCM audio capabilities is enough to send any videographer into a state of rapture, that may be just enough to cause a bride-to-be’s eyes to glaze over.

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A Wedding Video Package To Suit Your Needs

Not all brides are alike. Not all weddings are alike. These are two immutable rules that  dictate that not all wedding video packages should be alike.

At Studio M Wedding Videography, we offer three basic packages, each based on the number of hours we shoot on location. Our price list includes four-hour, six-hour and eight-hour packages, but those are really just starting points for pricing reference only. If you want us on site for five hours or seven hours or nine hours, we can structure a quote to fit that need.

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It’s All In The Editing!

What’s one of the most important elements that sets great wedding videography apart from using a family member with a camcorder? It’s all in the editing. Yes, you want skilled professional shooter(s) with good quality equipment in hand on your wedding day, but it’s what happens after the big day, in the editing bay, that is, in large part, responsible for the finished product you’ll view for years to come.

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Great Wedding Videos (And Our Customers) Speak For Themselves

Truth be told, it’s easy for any videographer to claim that his or her work is excellent. But for the client, the final evaluation often comes down to one of two factors: A) Viewing the vendor’s previous work on its own merits; or B) Considering the testimonials of previous customers.

So instead of us doing all the talking in this blog post, we’ll let our work and our testimonials do the talking.

To view a short highlight reel with footage taken from several different weddings, visit our Home page: www.studiomvideo.com. You can view more individual wedding couples on our Video Samples page: www.studiomvideo.com/Video_Samples.

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Turn Your Wedding Day From A Blur Into A Memory

The one comment I hear most often from couples I’ve worked with goes something like this: “Our wedding day passed by like a blur! We can hardly remember what happened!”

I can attest to that, because I remember saying the same thing about my own wedding nearly 11 years ago. Truth is that couples often remember very few specifics about one of the most memorable days of their lives.

That’s where having a quality videographer comes into play. At Studio M Wedding Videography, we take care to capture as many different aspects of your wedding day as possible—not just the ceremony and notable reception moments but often the little things that might get overlooked. We give special attention to the bride and groom, of course, but also the families, guests and even the wedding location itself. And we usually manage to capture those little moments that the bride and groom share when they think no one’s looking.

When editing, I approach your wedding-day footage like a storyteller, trimming out the parts that aren’t engaging and relevant and focusing on the elements that draw the viewer in and convey the Who, What, When and Where of your special wedding-day story. Along the way, I pay attention to details, and I’m meticulous about how I edit my footage, from the precise timing of a transition to the balance of color and light to choosing the perfect background music to suit the visuals.

So when you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Knoxville and the greater Smoky Mountains area, I hope you’ll choose Studio M. We’ll help you take that blur of a day and turn it into something you’ll remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

Tips For Wedding Video Interviews

When I say, “wedding video interviews,” I’m not talking about interviewing your prospective wedding videographers (which I do recommend, by the way). Rather, I’m talking about incorporating interviews with some of your favorite people into your wedding video footage. Some no-brainers would include separate interviews with the bride and groom, family members, members of the wedding party and wedding guests, of course.

For the bride and groom, the day of the wedding is often too hectic to get good interviews. Things are going by in a blur, and there are just too many people to talk to and too many things to do to set aside a few minutes to collect your thoughts and appear coherent on a video. It’s not surprising that couples are often at a loss for words on their wedding day.

A better idea is for brides and grooms to be interviewed before the wedding day, during a prearranged session or perhaps on the evening of the rehearsal dinner. Couples can plan this in advance and give themselves some time to get a rough idea of what they want to say. This shouldn’t be scripted but from-the-heart sentiments about the spouse-to-be and the vision for their upcoming life together.

As for families, wedding party members and guests, it’s fine to let them be interviewed on the day of the wedding. But I recommend setting up a space that’s separate from the reception area, where interviews can be conducted in relative quiet. Too often, I’ve had guests try to shout their greetings and best wishes to the camera, only to be drowned out by the band or DJ.

However you set it up, having these personal moments on video is a nice touch that will add to the uniqueness of your video.

Why Hire A Wedding Videographer?

That’s a good question, but it’s not a silly one to ask. It’s almost a given that most wedding parties these days hire a photographer to handle their still photography, but too often, videography is considered as an afterthought or perhaps and expendable item when dealing with a limited or busted wedding budget.

But I want to stress that having video of your wedding is not redundant or unnecessary. In fact, I could make a case that video is more important than still photography. Why? Because there’s a sense of reality to it that I believe represents what happens on the wedding day more accurately than photo sessions. I’m not bashing still photography by any means. It is absolutely an essential part of a wedding package. But remember that video will help you relive the events as they actually played out in real time. Video captures the sounds of weddings, too, including the band at the reception, the vows and voices of family members and friends.

So consider wedding video a must. And when planning your wedding in Knoxville or the Smokies or any part of East Tennessee, we hope that you’ll consider Studio M as your first choice. It will be well worth it.

What Makes Us Unique

At Studio M Wedding Videography, one of our best attributes is our ability to capture the events of your wedding day with a creative eye and a cinematic touch. Every shot is deliberately composed to draw attention to the main subject and to complement it with interesting surroundings and an effective use of available light. We go out of our way to use unique camera angles and camera movements that add drama and style to any scene.

We also like to capture events as they happen and not stage them. That gives each moment its own sense of spontaneity and magic, and when you watch these scenes unfold years from now, that honesty will still come shining through.

Finally, we offer the Knoxville wedding videography market a professionally edited and polished product. We don’t clutter up your video with gimmicky wedding-themed screen titles and graphics. We just tell the story of your wedding day cleanly, concisely and dramatically, without unnecessary fluff. We also draw from an extensive library of background music that’s thematically selected to complement each scene.

To learn more about what makes us the wedding videographer of choice, call us today at 865-984-5988.